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Meet some of our playful clients!

This is Rocko – he is currently 6 months old  Black Labrador Retriever and has been a client since he was 4 1/2 months.  Rocko is a Puppy training client and daily walk client.  Andy has been training him and walking him three days a week, and he is making excellent progress!  He also boards with us sometimes, and he and Chase became great friends.  Rocko will be getting a sister Golden Retriever in a few months – we can’t wait!  Update:  Rocko is now 8 months old and doing really well with his walking training.  He has stayed with us a few times now – he and Chase cannot stop playing with each other.  We have to physically separate them after awhile in order for them to rest – puppies will play past exhaustion, they need to rest sometimes, just like children.

IMG_1570 lr


Rocko 8 months
















This is Lilo – she is a Princess who lives across the street from us.  Her family doesn’t go away nearly enough, and we miss her terribly.  Her favorite place when she stays with us is sitting on our son’s lap.













These are the Aussie’s Gabe, Kisma and Teddy.  They are beautiful and full of energy , and Andy gives them mid-day walks five days a week.

IMG_1559 lr













This is Minnie and Gumbo – their parents like to go visit their grandchildren , and we take care of them while they are gone.  Gumbo is a big scairdy cat, and Minnie likes to get lost in the sofa.

Andy and Minnie


Gumbo.  A sweet big scaredy cat until he gets to know you.


This is Fluffy, she is a Lhasa and is 12 and a complete princess.  She is staying with us this week.  She has now stayed  a few more days with us.  I have nick-named her our “little EWOK” like the Star Wars creatures – she even makes a similar noise sometimes. Still utterly adorable!

20130913_180728 20130913_173939 20130914_160829












This is Mia and Maya – they are adorable 5 month old puppy sisters.  They get training walks three days a week to get them off to a good start.



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All our services include lots of LOVE!

All our services include lots of LOVE!

We offer a number of pet services related to exercise and interaction that set us apart from your average dog walkers. Mid-Day Pet Care Pet Sitting Dog Exercise Dog Field Trips Pet Taxi...

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