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Man with two puppies.Hello Pet Owners!  

We are a company designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of your pet, so that they live long , happy and healthy lives.

We offer a number of services related to exercise and interaction that we feel set us apart from your average dog walkers. We also offer a full variety of the standard pet care services, from walking to feeding.

WE ARE FULLY BONDED AND INSURED.  Why is that important?  I you use the kid-next-door and something happens to your pet or your home, you would not be covered .  Using a Pet Care Professional who is fully insured gives you peace of mind should something happen to your pet or home.

We understand that  every pet has different needs.  We will evaluate your pets needs (free consultation) and discuss a healthy lifestyle plan with you.

We recognize that it is often difficult to give your pet the time and/or exercise that would be best for its age and breed, especially if you are away from home for long periods of time or physically unable.

Play and exercise are KEY to a happy, loving, well behaved pet.

Puppies/Kittens:  Everyone loves puppies and kittens. however they require a little more time and commitment than full grown pets.  They are being house-broken or box trained,  They need more interaction and security.  Playful Paws can help you provide that extra care they require and you can reap the benefits of this adorable phase of a pets life.

Young Dogs:  If you have a young energetic dog,  they need lot’s of play and exercise, or they become restless, demanding  and are prone to FRAPS (What we call it when they go a little nuts and run around the house like a wild animal).  Exercise like running or biking or a good tug of war or fetch, are great ways to wear these youngsters out, so that you can come home to a well-balanced pet.

Middle- Aged Dogs & Cats:  They still need play and exercise to maintain health so they can live a long life.  It is often easy to forget this, because they are not as demanding as the younger pets,  They do not require the same level of exercise and play, but need it just as much.

Elderly Pets:  If you have an elderly pet, then you have been blessed by many wonderful years with this member of the family.  Older pets often need extra care as well, whether it is extra potty trips, administering medications, or shorter more frequent walking or playing time.  Playful Paws would be happy to meet with you and discuss what kind of care we could assist you with.

Injured Pets:  Most pets become ill or injured at some point during their lives.  This can be hard on the pet owner trying to re-arrange their schedule to administer medications, or just needing someone to check on them when you are away.  Playful Paws would be happy to discuss with you how we can help with your pets recuperation.

Remember a tired dog is not only a happy and healthy dog but an emotionally fit and well behaved dog.

Call us today for a free consultation so we can assess the needs of you and your pet to determine how best to serve your needs.




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All our services include lots of LOVE!

All our services include lots of LOVE!

We offer a number of pet services related to exercise and interaction that set us apart from your average dog walkers. Mid-Day Pet Care Pet Sitting Dog Exercise Dog Field Trips Pet Taxi...

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