Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays from Playful Paws Miami!

This is a little Photoshop I did of Chase.  He has been “Prancer” since he was a puppy – he still prances.  He, however, will not tolerate having antlers on him, and letting me take a picture…..sooo – here is Chase the “Prancer”.  Andy is so busy taking care of pets as people take holidays, that Connor and Chase and I miss him.  We have had some wonderful guests, Olga the Boston Terrier, and Skippy the Havanese.  Skippy is sleeping beside me as I write – he is my “wascally wabbit”! He has chilled out a little with age and is larger, but he is still full of spirit and cute as ever.  He needs some help with his eye dripping though, we are going to recommend some products to his parents, like Eye Envy.  Andy has been taking care of Juneau and Teddy in the Grove, Tango and Midnight in the Gables, and Gumbo, Stanley and Donkey in Gables, plus a couple cats.  He has been spending extra time with Tango and Midnight.  They are both sweet, but Tango (6 months old) is a little destructive so he has to stay in his crate when Andy isn’t there. This makes Andy very sad, and he has spent extra time with Tango – staying for an hour or two each visit, just so he isn’t in his crate as much.  We , as always, are grateful for all our clients.  I am grateful, that I have such a loving husband, who cares so much about all creatures.  I have come to LOVE our furry clients as well, though I only get to meet the one’s we board.  They are blessings in our lives, and make all of us happy, including Chase – he loves the company and the playtime.

Happy Holidays, again – we look forward to another great year!Prancer for Printing

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All our services include lots of LOVE!

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