Mid-Day Pet Care

Dog Walk & Play Visits

Pets get lonely when they are alone all day.  

A mid-day visit can make your pet happier and healthier.  

A typical mid-day visit includes water and food (if desired), lots of play and love. The length of time of the visit is up to you.

Puppy Sitting with Leash.

Our pet care specialist will walk your pet(s) in your neighborhood and visit with them at home for as long as you  like!

  • 20 Minute Visit = $20

  • 40 Minute Visit= $40

  • 60 Minute Visit = $60

Some of our favorite Mid-day walk clients:


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All our services include lots of LOVE!

All our services include lots of LOVE!

We offer a number of pet services related to exercise and interaction that set us apart from your average dog walkers. Mid-Day Pet Care Pet Sitting Dog Exercise Dog Field Trips Pet Taxi...

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