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Chase going to Dog Parkdog park 2013-02-03Chase & Rio at Dog Park


We took Chase to his favorite Dog Park on Sunday.  We call it the “Secret Dog Park” because it is not officially a dog park, and unless you hear about it, you would never know it was there.  Don’t be put off by the road running through it in the photo.  No one but dog owners drive on it, and they are VERY cautious!  Many dogs run free there, but others go for walks on the trails nearby, some on leashes.  We have learned how important it is for dogs to socialize with other dogs.  We have met a number of dogs who are either overly aggressive or defensive when they pass another dog on a walk.  Many people just decide the answer is to just keep them away from other dogs.  Unfortunately, this just makes it worse.  No matter how hard it is for you to deal with, a dog should have the opportunity to be with other dogs, preferably from an early age (It is harder for an older dog to get over the fears he has developed over the years – just like people).  Part of Chase’s formal training was to obey on a leash, even if another dog approached, or even a cat!  It took patience and perseverance on our part, but it was really worth it.

We met an adorable 7 month old Doberman named Rio on Sunday – he had legs like a baby deer.  Very sweet, he and Chase had a nice time playing even though they were both pretty tired by the time they met.

If your dog is a little anti-social, it’s may not be too late.  We suggest taking him to a fenced dog park – we love Blanche Park in Coconut Grove as well.  Try to go when it isn’t too crowded so they aren’t overwhelmed, and don’t freak out if you have to put them back on leash for aggression.  Properly chastise and leave quickly.  Dogs learn very quickly that a behavior is unacceptable if they are removed from an activity they enjoy.

Playful Paws would be happy to try to make your dog more accepting of other animals and people.  Just this weekend Andy was sitting for a regular customer who has 2 dogs.  One little one that is very friendly, and one big one that is a total baby, scaredy cat.  Andy was really happy this weekend when this dog that ran from him and hid at first, licked his face.  Sometimes it just takes a little more exposure to different people to make then more comfortable.

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