Chase Skippy

Published on July 11, 2013 by in Blog


This is Skippy.  He is a 9 month old Havanese, and he is fearless – even if Chase is harmless!  Skippy would play with Chase and bark at him if Chase stopped.  Skippy won our hearts boarding here. He will shred any paper he can find (sometimes he was given scraps just to amuse him for awhile), chew on any shoes he can find (although his teeth are so small he doesn’t really damage them}, repeatedly challenge our 75 pound golden retriever to play fight (He learned the strategy of starting the fight then standing directly under Chase and making him go crazy trying to reach him LOL), moving the remote controls for the TV from the side table to the middle of the floor.  I nick-named him my “Waskally Wabbit” – he hops like a bunny when he runs.  I miss him now, his family needs to go on another vacation soon!

Skippy shredding paperskippy

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All our services include lots of LOVE!

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