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We have a guest this weekend.  Pierre, who plays with Chase and lives down the street.  (We only “board” dogs if we know them and they get along well with Chase, have up to date shots and are well behaved.)  It has been fun and a little like having two small children in the house.  Both of them are spoiled by too much attention, and therefore they are very jealous when the other is getting any attention.  They are not mean to each other, they just have to insert themselves into the patting or playing.  If they were children, I could imagine them saying things like “How come he gets a treat?  Why are you patting him instead of me?  Mom, he has my toy!”  They are both around two years old, and while Pierre can run as fast as Chase, he tires easily, he isn’t used to getting so much exercise.  Unfortunately this means it is hard to really tire him out, because he will stop running around after a few minutes, and therefore he is ready to go again in an hour.  His family has a new baby, we know what that is like, and are certain that is why he doesn’t get as much exercise, and has some “sibling rivalry issues”. Chase is totally spoiled being the only dog in our home, and has never had to share it before.  They are doing amazingly well, I’m sure they will be very used to each other by the time Pierre has to leave.  He is a very sweet and beautiful dog.  He has the coloring of a St. Bernard, his size, hair length and texture are like a Golden retriever.  He makes little snorting noises like a piglet sometimes.

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All our services include lots of LOVE!

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