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We were asked to stop revealing the location of the Secret Dog Park on our website, as Animal Control has been cracking down.  Point taken, sorry if we upset anyone, we have taken all reference to its location off the website and FB page.  We don’t want to loose this resource either.

Also, if we ever post a picture or a video of your dog and you don’t want us to, just ask, and we will take it down – no problem.

Upside to this….people are looking at our website and FB page 🙂

Sorry if we upset any of our community of Dog Lovers…peace.

2 Responses to “Apology”

  1. Shirley says:

    Please don’t mention in your ‘BEST OF” section that the dog park address can be obtained by requesting by email. The park is full enough as it is now and there have been several dog fights recently. We don’t need any more dogs/people.

    • We agree the park has become more crowded lately. However, we hope you are not under the false assumption that Playful Paws has had anything to do with that. We have an incredibly (sadly) low number of views to our website, and only share the location with personal friends. We have not had one single email asking me where the park is. We do offer dog field trips as a service, but we would never bring them there, as it is not official or fenced. We are a small business, just trying to get by in this recession. We cannot afford bad publicity, so we will remove this from the website. We will, however, continue to mention the park (although not its location), as it is a part of our lives and we post about our lives, as many people do these days. We hope this doesn’t offend you.

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All our services include lots of LOVE!

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