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Hello, my name is Andy Pomaville the owner of Playful Paws Miami pet care. I live in Coral Gables with my wife Jennie,  son Connor and dog Chase. We have been caring for animals all our lives. We love dogs,cats and all kinds of furry animals.

When you hire Playful Paws, you get Me; not someone different every time.  The animals are my clients, the owners are my customers – I aim to make everyone happy.  It brings me great joy to see the excitement of my clients when I arrive for a mid-day walk; Wagging tails are the greatest praise.

Ever since I was a boy, I have always had a pet, whether it was the family dog,  the cat I got from the dumpster in my first apartment or  Jesse the dog I found wandering the Everglades  after hurricane Andrew.  I was blessed to have Jesse in my life for 18 years.  When I met and married my wife Jennie – she fell in love with her too.  When we had our son Connor, Jesse was the sweetest most patient companion for him,  We gained a lot of experience about caring for an elderly pet during the last few years of her life.  We mourned her for almost two years before we could think about bringing another dog into our home.

Jesse and Andy 1997.dog & Baby

We chose to purchase a Golden Retriever from a breeder, and we named him Chase.  Chase has been a blessing in our lives and has made us remember how much we love having a dog in our house.  Chase has also taught us about raising a puppy, crate training, obedience training.  We hired a great Trainer to come to our house and teach us how to train him.  He is an exceptionally well-behaved and friendly animal.  We recently took Chase on vacation with us to a lake in NC.He had only ever swum in the ocean, so we put a life jacket on him.  He was so official looking, we called him the “Harbor Master”.  Hesitant at first to jump off the dock, he quickly became a pro.


Puppy splayed on Grass.,Dog in lifejacket jumping into water.

Andy & Chase by car copyDog running next to bike.


I got the idea for my pet care and dog walking business while being out with Chase on bike runs through my neighborhood. I kept on seeing  people rushing home to take care of their pets or being stressed out because they couldn’t.

I saw a need for these services and others, and the opportunity to do something I really loved! People tell me that animals like me, and I suppose it’s because I really love them and really love to care for them.

Andy, Jennie and Chase.

If you are looking for someone to help you with the care of your pet, I hope you will consider Playful Paws.  We will always put your pet’s needs first.

Sincerely,          Andy  and Jennie Pomaville






All our services include lots of LOVE!

All our services include lots of LOVE!

We offer a number of pet services related to exercise and interaction that set us apart from your average dog walkers. Mid-Day Pet Care Pet Sitting Dog Exercise Dog Field Trips Pet Taxi...

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